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Joined the Membership of ICC/WCF  Implement “ATA CARNET” in Macao


With the deepening development of economic globalization and integration of regional economy, further intensifying regional cooperation and broadening foreign ties have become key measures to boost economy and cultural development as well as enhance competitiveness.  Therefore, the Government of Macao SAR has been making every effort to carry out a foreign policy of “Associating with the Distant Countries and Integrating with the Near Ones” since its establishment, pushing forward and participating in the regional cooperation for mutual benefit while building Macao “A Service Platform of Economic Cooperation”.  Under China’s 12th Five-Year Plan and with the great support of the Central Government, the SAR Government has endeavored to make Macau a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure” and “An Economic Cooperation Platform between the People’s Republic of China and Countries of the Portuguese-Speaking World”, through which Macao is expected to achieve appropriate diversification in its economic development.  The Chamber has been playing an active role in coordination with this policy by joining the conference mechanism of “Joint Meeting of Pan-PRD Chambers of Commerce”, “Joint Meeting of Pan-PRD Trade Promotion Organizations” and the “High-level Round Table Meeting among Chambers of Commerce in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao” so that the regional collaboration of “complementary advantages and mutual benefit” can be motivated and deepened.  In the meantime, by virtue of the implementation of CEPA and its additional supplements, plus the enforcement of a series of policies e.g. the “Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Framework Agreement”, the “Hengqin Island Development Planning” and those concerning the development of Nansha District, etc., the Chamber’s function as a bridge and ties has been given full play.  A multi-tiered and wide-ranging collaboration between Macao and inland China is coming into being and thus Macau is favored even more cooperative space and endless opportunities for growth.


In order to get Macao developed in the direction of appropriate economic diversification and to provide required conditions for the development of the local convention and exhibition industry, the Chamber officially joined the membership of World Chambers Federation (WCF), an organization of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in 2008 with the recommendation and support of Mr. Tam Pak Yuen, the Secretary for Economy and Finance while submitting an application letter to ICC/WCF for entering the international “ATA CARNET” system.  On November 23, 2009, the SAR Government designated the Macao Chamber of Commerce as a Guaranteeing & Issuing Association for “ATA CARNET” in the Chief Executive Dispatch No. 441/2009 on the Official Bulletin.  And then the Chamber got the approval of WCF to implement “ATA CARNET” officially in Macao from November 1, 2010 onwards, thus becoming the 68th participant of the world “ATA CARNET” system. 


To cope with the rise of Macao for its international status, Macao Chamber of Commerce was promoted to a membership of ICC Special Group, namely a National Committee Member equal to that of Hong Kong and Taiwan, as adopted unanimously at the 7th Worlds Chambers Congress held in Mexico during June 8 to 10, 2011 and the conference of World Council ICC on June 11.   In the meantime, ACM was also elected as a Council Member of WCF.  Therefore the unique role of ACM in the enhancement of Macao’s international status and appropriate diversification of economy has been fully brought out.