Seong Fan Evening Middle School

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Seong Fan Evening Middle School (Escola Seong Fan) -- The The former Commercial Training Class is called the Seong Fan Evening Middle School.? It was founded by the Chamber in 1947. Teenagers at learning age who are away from school are provided with secondary education.? Working youths, on the other hand, are also provided with the opportunity to indemnify their secondary education.? Within the academic years 2010 to 2011, there are nearly 500 students in the whole school and a total of 14 teaching classes, of which 8 are senior secondary, 4 are junior secondary, one is Civil Servants' Chinese Class and one is short-term photography course respectively.

With the social development, the ratio of students to universities continues to rise year by year. Now the Seong Fan Evening Middle School provides a path that leads those working youths to tertiary education.
In August 1997, the Seong Fan Evening Middle School was sanctioned by the Government to join the free secondary education scheme that not only reduces the tremendous burden borne by the students and their parents, but also further upgrades the teaching quality and improves the teaching environment.

In September 2000, Macao SAR Government granted a 5-storey building to the subsidiary school of the Chamber. The Chamber decided to appropriate funds for the new laboratories. In September 2002, the Seong Fan Evening Middle School moved into the new school building. We believe that with the facilities provided by the new school building, increment on learning interest and upgrade of teaching quality will be apparent.

In 2006, Seong Fan Evening Middle School was positioned as Recurrent Education by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, accepts only those aged 16 or above to enroll.