The Qingzhou Primary School

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The Qingzhou Primary School (Escola Ilha Verde) -- The Qingzhou Primary School, originally called the Qingzhou Common People Learning School was founded in 1951.? In August 1995, the Qingzhou Primary School was sanctioned by the Government to join in the free education scheme. In view of the inadequacy of academic places in Qingzhou Primary School, the Chamber has decided to reconstruct the Qingzhou Primary School. In July 2001, the Chamber signed the building contract with Rising Construction Ltd. In November 2001, the reconstruction of the Qingzhou Primary School started.? In August 2002 a 5-storey Qingzhou Primary School Building was built up.? With the facilities provided by the new school building, significant improvement in teaching environment, increment on learning interest as well as extension of students' computerized knowledge are deemed probable.

Within the academic years 2110 to 2011, there are nearly 500 students in the whole school and a total of 20 teaching classes, of which 6 are kindergarten and 14 are primary classes.

All of these represent the new responsibility of the Chamber devoted to the society in the new era.